Why are zipper covers on mattresses important

Why are zipper covers on mattresses important?

Having a zipper cover as part of your mattress is the greatest thing since peanut butter and jelly. It will do everything for you except clean your windows or shine your shoes. OK, maybe I am exaggerating. You decide. If your mattress has a zipper cover you may never have to buy another mattress because you can unzip the cover and replace what’s inside. This allows you to renew the mattress by changing the components inside. At the same time you can adjust the comfort level making the mattress feel softer or firmer. All of us poor humans have bodies that change over time and so do our preferences in how our mattress feels and adjusts to our body shape and our favorite sleeping position.

Our mattress cover will absorb the natural perspiration we produce in our sleep. Natural Mattress Heaven mattresses are made with layers of latex of varying firmness. We offer our customers a 12 year comfort guarantee. During the first year we will adjust the firmness of your mattress by sending you a new latex layer in order to make the mattress feel firmer or softer at no charge. After the first year you can still get a new layer for a small charge relative to the cost of buying a new mattress. For example, a new 3” queen sized layer in your choice of firmness is $250 including shipping to your home anywhere in the continental United States.

Most of the normal wear and tear occurs at the top of the mattress. So replacing the top layer of latex will make the mattress feel new again. We also offer split queen, cal king and eastern king layers which enables you to have a different firmness on each side of the mattress. If you choose to do a comfort exchange you get to keep the existing layer which you may find useful for guests or camping.
This very user friendly layer replacement eliminates the need to deal with user unfriendly mattress warranties altogether. Having said that, we do recommend that you use a breathable and preferably non waterproof mattress pad or protector just to keep your zipper cover clean and fresh and remember to tell your kids that jumping on your bed is a no-no. That will save you money in the long run, because jumping on the mattress can damage the springs and cause the latex to tear.

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