springs in some mattresses

Why are there springs in some mattresses, but not all?

Springs push back against our weight and provide support for our bodies. These days almost all mattresses that include springs use Marshall coils. Marshall coils, also known as encased coils or encased springs (most commonly known in North America as pocketed springs), are component parts of a mattress in which each coil is separately wrapped in a textile material. Each of them is free to flex within its pocket to adjust to our unique body shape while giving us proper support and last a long time. However, they also add bounce and springiness which led to the development of a wide range of foam products that could give us comfort without much bounce albeit with diminished support.

Latex foam offers the best of both worlds. It is springy, but not to the extent of metal springs while still providing comfort and support without the sinking feeling we may experience on memory foam.

Many of us enjoy the combination of a layer of latex over springs. Since latex is available in several different firmness levels, we can adjust the firmness in our Slumber Bouquet mattresses to suit almost anyone.

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