What’s so great about natural mattresses?

Besides their excellent breathability, comfort, support, durability, absence of the off gassing from petroleum based foam and adjustability, they are sustainable, biodegradable and conducive to providing a deep restorative quality of sleep.

It all starts with latex foam which is used in almost all natural and organic mattresses. Latex is naturally antimicrobial. It is made from the milk sap of rubber trees. This sap is present under the bark of the trees and naturally repels insects from boring into the trees thus protecting the trees from harm. That is why rubber trees do not need to be sprayed with pesticides. When your mattress is made with latex it will naturally repel dust mites and protect you from dust mite excretions which can cause allergic reactions.

Latex is springy and flexible. This is why it is so durable that it will retain its shape up to three times longer than the polyurethane foams used in conventional mattresses. It also will conform to your body shape. When it is compressed by your weight at the same time it is trying to regain its original rectangular form by pushing back against your body. That provides the support you need from your mattress.

The instantaneous response from the latex eliminates the stuck in the mud aspect of memory foam. If you want to turn over in bed, you can just turn over and if you want to get out of bed it’s easy to do so.

Our natural and organic latex is available in four firmness levels which makes it easy to find a natural mattress with the right amount of adjustability for your body. The latex mattresses from Natural Mattress Heaven can be ordered with two firmnesses so you and your partner do not have to compromise.

The other significant components are the Eco wool batting and organic cotton fabric used to make the cover of the mattress. We use only 100% organic cotton fabric in a 500 gm/square yard weight. This adds to the breathability and absence of reflected body heat from the mattress. Our California and Oregon grown and humanely treated sheep produce wool that can absorb perspiration while you are sleeping and then wick it back into the air when you are not in bed.

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