20 Year Component Warranty

What is not covered by this warranty:

Mattresses that have been cut, torn, burned, damaged or abused by kids jumping on the bed, or improper moving of the mattress to a new location or soiled with human or pet excretions such as blood, urine, feces, perspiration, etc. In order to avoid this, use a mattress protector. Mattress stitches that have unraveled due to excessive tossing and turning. This is rare, but if you notice it, just cut off the threads. It will not affect the performance of the mattress.

Minor imperfections such as slight tears in the surface of the latex layers (less than 3”) which can happen when the latex cores are removed from the mold in which they were manufactured. This will not affect the performance of the mattress.

Mattresses that are resold to a second owner.

Mattresses that have been used on an improper bed frame or box spring. Wooden bed frames should have slats that are no more than 3” apart and also should have four legs for a Twin or Full and five or six legs with a center support for a Queen, King or Cal King.

Mold or mildew caused by a damp environment.

Cover shrinkage caused by washing the cover or normal wear and tear.

Leaving your mattress components in their shipping boxes for more than 30 days.

What is covered by this warranty:

Excessive body impressions more than 1 1⁄2” deep. In order to measure your indentation take a string and tie a metal washer to each end of the string and allow the washers to hang down on the sides of your mattress with the string taut. Take a ruler or tape measure and place the end perpendicular to the mattress behind the string and take a picture with your cell phone or camera and send it to us by email. This will clearly show the depth of the impression. We will replace at no cost to you whichever component is causing the dip in your mattress. Typically the part of a mattress that wears out the quickest is the padding closest to the upper surface.

Zipper cover mattresses do not have to be replaced entirely because we can easily unzip them and swap out the top layer or any other layer or springs that are causing a dip in the mattress. Please keep a copy of your receipt showing that you are the original owner in order to process a return or warranty issue. If you have any problem with your Slumber Bouquet mattress or foundation call us at 541 500 1230.

Natural Mattress Heaven will cover the cost of any defective component for the first 10 years. The customer will cover shipping costs for new components. From the 11th to the 20th we will charge our cost plus 10% for any component replaced.

Mattress toppers have a component warranty for the first five years from delivery.

Foundations have a 10 year warranty.