For customers who live outside of our local delivery range we will ship your mattress via UPS disassembled in three or four cartons. We do this to make it much easier to bring into your home.

It will require assembly as follows:

  1. Open the carton containing your zipper cover. Remove the cover from packaging and place it spread out on your box spring or bed frame.
  2. Place the cover with the zipper tabs at the pillow end about a foot in from the headboard or wall.
  3. Unzip the top panel around to the other side, but not all the way to the other end of the zipper and fold the top panel back to the wall or drape it over the headboard.
  4. If you have a boxspring or foundation, fold the border panels over it.
  5. If you have a pocket coil innerspring mattress, (Rose or Jasmine) open the spring carton next. Remove the spring from the carton and place it on the inside of the carton. Position it at one end so that when you cut the plastic (being careful to not cut the fabric encasing the springs), the compressed springs will unroll themselves.
  6. This step is easiest if you have two people, but it can be done by one patient person. Each person standing at the sides of the springs should lift the springs with two hands and position them on the inner seams of the opened cover.
  7. Next open and remove the latex from its carton and place it on the springs at one end. Cut the plastic away from the latex being careful to not cut the latex and allow it to unroll itself.
  8. If you have the Rose mattress, place the micro coils on the latex and position them evenly from head to toe and side to side.
  9. Zip up the cover and reposition the finished mattress over your boxspring, foundation or slats.
  10. Congratulations! You have just made a mattress.

If you have purchased an all latex mattress without springs, the process is almost the same as above. After opening the packaging and positioning your cover, place the layers as follows:

  1. Place the firm Dunlop layer on the inside of the cover first.
  2. Place the medium Dunlop layer on top of the firm layer.
  3. Then place your top layer on the middle layer Remember to handle the latex gently. Grasp the layer you are working with using two hands. Lift the layer a few inches and with a flick of the wrist it will ripple and move a couple of inches away from you. Keep adjusting the position until the layer is about even with the layer below it. Do NOT yank on the latex layer or it will tear away from the layer and you will be holding a handful of latex.

Assembling the Forget-Me-Not:

This is almost the same as the Rose except you have two sheets of micro coils and a needle punched organic cotton pad. Follow the instructions above for the Rose mattress, however after you install the latex, place the 2.5K micro coils above the latex. Next place the needle punched cotton pad above the 2.5K micro coils and then place the 4K micro coils (the smallest coils) on top. Zip the cover and position the finished mattress on your box spring, foundation or slats.

Assembling the Honeysuckle:

As above, place your 8” pocket coil springs on the inside of the cover. Place your horsehair pad atop the springs. Next place your 2.5K micro coils on the horsehair pad. The needle punched cotton pad goes on next followed by the 4K micro coils. Zip up the cover and move it into the proper position on its base.