It’s great to get an organic mattress, but getting the right one for your needs is even better.

Have you ever bought a mattress that felt good in the store, but just wasn’t quite right when you actually slept on it? Too bad that it didn’t have a zipper cover that would allow you to change the firmness after you got it home. Well now you can get a custom organic mattress in the Rogue Valley at Natural Mattress Heaven. Not only are these mattresses adjustable after you get one, but you can choose a different firmness on each side of the bed.

If you think about it, getting a mattress without a zipper cover is like buying a Tesla without a battery pack. So, if you are searching for a custom mattress near me, here it is. We also can make latex mattresses in custom sizes for RV’s or antique beds.

Our organic mattresses are made with organic cotton, organic wool and organic latex. You can choose from 22 options at our showroom in Medford, Oregon or use our Mattress Advisor to help you select the right mattress when you order online. Since these mattresses are made without any fire retardants or synthetic materials they are the best hypoallergenic mattress you can find as there is no off gassing which is common with conventional mattresses.

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