Slumber Bouquet Comfort Exchange

Your mattress comes with a 90 day comfort exchange privilege. If you find, after sleeping on it for 30 days, that it is either too firm or too soft, simply call us and we will send you a new latex layer at no cost to you except for a $99 shipping charge. We require you to sleep on it for a month to allow both the mattress to break in and for your body to adapt to a new sleeping surface. Fold and roll the existing layer and send it back to us. We will inspect it and then refund the amount you paid to ship it back.

If you live in the Rogue Valley within our normal delivery range we will come to your home and do the comfort exchange at no charge to you.

If your comfort level changes in the future, you can order a new layer and we will sell it to you at our cost plus 10% as long as you own the mattress.