Natural Mattress Heaven

natural mattress heaven office

Natural Mattress Heaven is a dream that came true. My wife Montira and I moved to Medford from the Bay Area four years ago to try our hands at retirement. For the previous 12 years I had been growing a business called The Natural Mattress Store.

We pioneered manufacturing and retailing organic mattresses there and the business grew to six stores during that time. Well it turned out that we discovered that retirement was overrated, so here we go again creating a new and improved version of a line of organic mattresses which Montira has dubbed “Slumber Bouquet” and named the various mattresses after the sweetest smelling flowers.

We are proud to introduce our zipper covered natural mattresses to our neighbors and new friends in the Rogue Valley. If you’ve never tried out a latex based mattress we invite you to come to our newly opened store at 1712 E. McAndrews Rd in Medford or if that’s not possible you can order online here at naturalmattressheaven.com.

We have created a proprietary algorithm to make recommendations based on your individual needs. See our Mattress Advisor.

We love what we are doing and think that you will too. By improving the quality of your sleep, everything else in your life will also improve.